Gore Mountain : The Return

On Tuesday, with a day off from work, I decided to return and do the complete hike at Gore Mountain, since my hike back in June, we ended up taking the gondolas down due to issues with one of our group. I met up with Bill from the ADK High Peaks forum and we set off about 10am. (trail guide)

Trailhead sign

You could make a simple day hike of this without going all the way to the summit, by just checking out Roaring Brook and all the waterfalls on the way up to the North Creek Reservoir.

one waterfall
North Creek Reservoir

The trail then goes into the woods and eventually comes to an open area refered to as Ives Dam.

Ives Dam

After a while you cross a couple ski trails, then break out through the woods onto the service road, where I noticed a new sign that wasn’t there back in June.

Trail sign

There was also the sound of large trucks, dumping more gravel on the roads

dump truck

Soon, you get high enough to start seeing views of the high peaks around you


And, once again, I reach the fire tower

antenna covered fire tower

With more time to look around, I was able to find the summit marker from the early 1940’s.

Summit marker

And I remembered where, farther away on the mountain, the original late 1800’s, summit spike was located.

Summit spike

We also checked out the older chair lift building

Inside of chairlift building

Wish I had some 8-tracks with me

Stereo and coffee maker

Just need a little maintenance and it could be up and running

Control box

Back to the warming hut area and the picnic tables. Surprisingly the doors were open to the hut, but no need to warm up in it.

Warming hut
Just hanging out

We think they opened it to air it out, there was a funky smell inside.

Near the ski patrol storage shed, there was some interesting cloth and soles in the trees.


Not many pictures on the way down, just a waterfall and what I called a “piss bucket” that we didn’t notice on the way up.

piss bucket

Now, I can officially claim Gore off the list of hikes, since I did the complete hike up and down.

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  • 9.65 miles
  • 2905 feet elevation gain
  • 6 hours 7 mins
  • 1.6 mph average speed