Spruce Pond, Jones Hill and Tinker Falls hike

Saturday, after the rain stopped, I went down south of Tully to the Morgan Hill State Forest and get in an afternoon hike with SAOAC. The plan was to start at Spruce Pond, go up to Jones Hill hang glider launch, then down to Tinker Falls.

Spruce Pond

We started out at Spruce Pond, heading across one end of it into the woods and the trail up to Jones Hill.

Heading up the trail

On the way over we came across someone’s home made tepee…

Homemade tepee

Part of the trail goes over private land, as long as you stay on it, you’re okay. We did leave our weapons home…

Eventually the trail comes out at the Jones Hill hang glider launch…

View from hang glider launch

After getting a few photos, we headed back down the trail to Tinker Falls…

Road/trail to Tinker

There wasn’t much water flowing over the falls though…

Tinker Falls, side view

You can even stand in the middle of the falls to get your picture taken…

“What’s that? Step back?”

After spending a little tie at the Falls, we headed back up and over the hill to Spruce Pond. To see all my photos from today, click here.


  • 5.12 miles
  • 1435 feet elev gain
  • 3 hours 20 minutes