At Sea / The Sapphire Princess

Just some quick notes about the pictures here.

– We ended up with an outside room, so we had a window that we could look out and see the top of a lifeboat and some of the sea.

– We played Bingo most sea days, there was a progressive jackpot that both Ruth and I came close to winning on the last day, missed by just one number. Only time we won was the first day we played, Ruth won $50, a $100 prize she had to split with another woman.

– The Internet Cafe was 50 cents per minute, so we didn’t spend alot of time on it, though we’d see some of the same people in there everyday uploading photo’s chatting, etc. I’d hate to have their bill at the end of the cruise. It would also be slow when there was more people on it, I found the best time was early morning around breakfast time, it was almost as fast as high speed cable, whereas middle of the afternoon it would be like dial-up.

– The Princess Links was the mini-golf course on board, we gave up trying to play it on the first hole. There were no barriers to keep your ball on the correct hole, and the “greens” were very fast.

– Valentines Day they did a large display in the Atrium along with special dinner selections, and a renewing of vows. I had to force Ruth the do the Renewal.

– Armindo, Philip, Rolando, and Ivan were our hosts and waiters for dinner every night. They had Ruth’s menu down pat by the 3rd or 4th night.

– The second collection below is the promo photo’s they sell on the ship.

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