Lyttelton / Christchurch

Tuesday, February 13th, we arrived in Lyttelton, the Port for Christchurch. We spent the morning strolling through the little village of Lyttelton, looking for souveniers. We did find the Wunderbar, where only nice people are allowed in. While strolling around we actually ran in Rolando, our waiter every evening while on board the ship, he was using a local stores phone to call home to the Philippines. That afternoon, we headed out on a bus to a few stops in Christchurch. First we had to travel through the Lyttelton Tunnel, a roadway built in the 1960’s that once was a toll road, but once the cost of construction was paid off, they removed the tolls. First stop was Cathedral Square and the Festival Of Flowers. Our second stop was the Cantebury Museum where we checked out the displays of Antarctica and the Peoples of Waitaha/Canterbury exhibits. We then walked outside to the Botanical Gardens. It was here that we finally found out the name of a tree we’d been seeing all this trip, the Monkey Tree. Our final stop was not scheduled on the plan, but our bus driver/tour guide thought we’d really want to see it, it is the New Zealand 9/11 Memorial.

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