South Sandy Creek creekwalk

For July 4th, I met up with some of the SAOAC crew outside of Ellisburg to do a creekwalk on South Sandy Creek. It was a good day for a walk in the creek, the weather was not too hot, the water not too cold, and plenty of time to take. We started out near the intersection of Lee Rd and Log London Road.

The water level was pretty low along the whole two miles we walked, with some deep pools here and there.

There were some interesting things right off the bat about the bedrock, these large “grooves” cut into it.

Some areas went from smooth rock to rock hopping…

There were many small waterfalls along the way also

 We also saw a lot of potholes in the creekbed

Eventually we reached a small dam area with a series of water falls near Monitor Mill Road.

Some time later, after eating and swimming, we headed back up the creek without paddles to the cars. All together, an enjoyable day on and through the water. More pictures can be found at this link.