Highland Forest winter hike

On Saturday, I met up with the Syracuse Area Outdoor Adventure Club (SAOAC) and did a hike of the Main Trail Loop at Highland Forest County Park.

Someone built a snowman, about 20 feet of the trail, a lot of people didn’t notice it was there, even though it was easy to spot through the trees.

One part of the trail winds through a pine forest, I’ve hiked this alone, and this is the part that always seems so quiet and peaceful.

About the halfway point is the first lean-to with a picnic table, a popular spot to stop for lunch.

Eventually, I had to split off and finish at a quicker pace since I needed to go to work, but I did spot a homemade chair along the trail. Only some people are allowed to use it though.

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  • 8.92 miles
  • 1459 ft elev gain
  • 5 hours 23 mins