Morgan Hill Long Loop

On Saturday I met up with a few of the Syracuse Area Outdoor Adventure Club (SAOAC) members to hike the Long Loop at Morgan Hill. This is a state forest with over 5,000 acres of hiking and other recreation opportunities.

There’s lots of little highlights, like Shackham Pond and and old family cemetery.

Since it’s still winter, some of the roads are gated, or just not plowed, so snowmobiles can use them instead.

A little bit before the halfway point is the Hemlock Lean To, a good spot to stop and eat.

Coming down the hill from the lean top you’re following a small brook with a series of waterfall. Being winter, we were able to go right on top of them.

As we came back to Shackham Road, I decided I had enough and was going to slow the group down, so I opted to head back to the car and wait for them there. I was still a 1.5 mile hike to go though.

All in all, a good workout thankfully since there wasn’t too much snow. To see all my photos from today, CLICK HERE