Cellar Mountain – DNF

I had Thursday off from work, and was planning on camping at Limekiln Lake for the weekend, so I wanted to try to get some hiking in, decided to try Cellar Mountain, one of the Adirondack Hundred Highest, located in the Moose River Plains, “across the street” from Limekiln.

There is an old road that goes from the Moose River Plains Road to Cellar Pond where you can start. It’s not marked so being able to find it may be difficult. I’d studied enough maps and satellite views so I had a good idea where it was. Found it and started driving down it, got about a hundred yards in and saw a decent pull off on the left to park in.

Good spot too, because walking up the old road just another 50 feet was a spot where unless you have good clearance on your vehicle, you’re not going to get through without dragging.

Farther up the road, spotted this old collapsed structure, maybe a shed? It did not seem very large, whatever it was.

I continued up the road for a while, some people recommended jumping off at about 2900 feet, I wanted to go up higher, so once I started bushwhacking it wouldn’t be as steep, so I went up to about the 3,000 foot elevation. Here is what the woods looked like when I reached that point.

Looks open, doesn’t it? Not for long.

Eventually though I ran out of time. I had originally wanted to start about 2pm, I did not get there until 4pm. And a little after 6pm, looking at my GPS, saw I was still about a quarter mile from the summit. Knowing that could still take another hour, plus getting back down the mountain, plus driving back to my campsite, and setting up my tent, I decided to call it a day. The mountain wasn’t going anywhere as far as I knew.

2.73 miles 801 feet elev gain 2 hours 38 minutes

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