Happy Valley WMA hike

On Saturday, I set up a hike with SAOAC for people to get out and see how their endurance was after not doing any long hikes over the winter. I set up two loops, one of 5 miles and one of 9 miles, I did the 9 miler. We did this at Happy Valley, which I posted about earlier. It has almost 9,000 acres so there was plenty of room to do a long hike without needing to double back or go over the same route more than once. Even doing 9 miles we only covered 1/3 of the area. Here’s my earlier writeup about the area. The 9 mile hike took just a little over 3 and a half hours. Afterwards, we stopped at the Grist Mill outside of Parish to grab a late lunch before heading back to Syracuse. Click on the pic below for more….