Abbott Loop at Danby State Forest

On Saturday I went with some of the members of SAOAC to hike the Abbott Loop at Danby State Forest, outside of Ithaca. The loop if you do the entire stretch is about 8 miles. Due to all the elevation changes, I dropped out about the 5 mile mark. Well, even with the hike back to the cars, I still ended up doing just under 8 miles. After looking at the map Saturday night, I saw how close I was to the ridge line and the overlook, I decided since the weather was still nice on Sunday to go back down and finish it. So on Sunday, to finish the loop was still about 6 miles. Combined, between Friday to Sunday, I ended up hiking 18 miles in three days.

One interesting site on the way down there, even though I had my GPS set for fastest way, it still sent me down some back roads. On the way I came across Boiceville, a community that if you were to tell people you live in the bright yellow house, they’d still wouldn’t know which was yours.

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