Padlock Hill Fire Tower

On Thursday, I headed out to see the Padlock Hill Fire Tower. After parking, I headed off to the trailhead…

This trail is unique that for a two week period during the year, you need to pay for parking and access to the trail. After getting onto the trail, this guy was spotted, taking up the entire width of the trail. Someone said he was important, like he runs the state or something.

Soon, I could see the fire tower through the trees.

I knew I was close when I saw the trail sign.

Soon, I was at the base.

Alas, the Padlock Hill fire tower is protected by, a padlock! (And no begging of the rangers will get them to unlock it)

Dejected, I continued down the trail, and was able to spot some wildlife.
A “Donald Trump” duck
A turkey
Sea Lions
I did not pack any food or water, but luckily as my hunger and thirst started to kick in, I was able to locate sources to quench myself with…

I began to look for a place to bed down, I’d seen a lean-to earlier near the tower, but figured someone already snagged it. Luckily, there was an empty cabin nearby…

It appeared no one was staying there currently

Unfortunately, it was still early enough for the people I came with and they wanted to hike back out, to the still packed, parking area.


  •  5.05 miles
  • 149 feet elevation gain
  • 10 hours 17 minutes
  • 0.5 mph average speed

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