Hurricane Mountain Fire Tower Failure

With the nice weather for Memorial Day, and not having to work, I went with a few people from the Syracuse Area Outdoor Adventure Club up to hike Hurricane Mountain in the Adirondacks. This would be from a different direction than the hike I did last fall.

Got a false sense of security at the beginning, since the Adirondacks had gotten slammed with snow the week before, this trail started out nice and dry. It would not last though.

The first thing we noticed was a small trickle of water coming down the trail.

Soon it turned into a small stream

There is a trail under all this

Our destination is in sight.

Now it was not becoming fun, more of a chore, this small waterfall is the trail

Eventually, only two of the group made it to the summit. Myself and another person gave ourselves a time limit, and we hit the limit before the summit, so we opted to turn around and head back, even though we estimated we may only be less than 1/2 mile from the summit. But since I had pretty much given up keeping my feet dry after the first mile, turning around seemed the better option.

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