Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Day three of my trip to Lake Placid, I headed out to hike up Mt. Van Hoevenberg, a trail near the ADK Loj which I had been at the day before. The trail head is on the unplowed road that I was trying out my snow tires on also.

Trailhead sign

The trail starts out as a nice flat walk through the woods until you hit what was a marsh, but is now a small lake thanks to a few beaver dams at one end.

Beaver marsh with Mt. Van Hoevenberg in the background.

After getting around the marsh while trying to keep dry, you start the climb, about 800′ to the summit. The woods are mostly open for the hike, and the trail, even with the snow cover, was easy to follow.


As you get closer to the summit and ledges, the trees get more packed together.

Trail near summit

As you break out of the trees onto the ledges, the high peaks area opens up in front of you. As it was a little windy that day I didn’t stay out in the open much longer than to get a couple pictures.

The view

The true summit is a little further down the trail, back into the woods.


On the way up I kept thinking about how to make this a thru hike or loop, but wasn’t sure how to. Afterwards, looking up more info on the mountain I found this persons hike which I wish I had seen before. It’s what I would have done had I known beforehand.



  • 4.56 miles
  • 1016 feet elev gain
  • 3 hours 18 minutes

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