Yosemite National Park

While working near Sacramento, CA for work, I had a few days off and since Yosemite was only about a four hour drive away, decided to go there. I opted for one of their Housekeeping Camps, simple three sided units with bunk beds. Just needed to buy a sleeping bag and pillow at Wal-Mart before I got there.

That evening I walked over to the Visitors Center to check out info on trails and check out some of the buildings. I’m always amazed that in the middle of the park you can have all the amenities of a small village.

Next morning I walked over to Curry Village to get breakfast at the buffet. Along the way spotted a deer that just didn’t care who was near them.

After breakfast, my goal was to do the Valley Loop Trail. It’s supposed to be a nice easy, fairly flat trail.

Stopped for lunch along the river, just picked some random spot, and when I sat down I saw something shiny beneath the leaves, it was a National Park Service survey marker.

Continuing on, I crossed the river and headed back towards the visitor center. At one point the trail goes back to the river, which had a green tint to it.

Finally made it back to the center and grabbed a bus ride back to my camp. My feet were killing me since I did not have hiking boots, only sneakers, on this trip.

The next morning went back over to Curry for breakfast before breaking camp. On my way out I stopped at Yosemite Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the US.

On the way out I stopped at Tunnel View, where you can look down through the valley..

It’s one popular spot.

I also stopped along the highway near a viewpoint of where the Stanislaus National Forest Rim Fire was.

All together, it was a fun few days and I’d go again sometime if the opportunity presents itself.

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