Adirondack Extreme!

On Saturday, I along with 17 others from SAOAC, went north of Lake George to Adirondack Extreme, a ropes course through the trees. They have 5 courses of obstacles and zip lines, plus a kids course, and a main zip line in front of the building. This is also one of the best priced places, regular price is only $45/adults. I went two years ago and made it through the first course before giving updue to the height and feeling vertigo from all the movement. So this year I made my goal of getting through two courses.

Once you arrive and check in, they start the fitting of the harnesses and a quick training session.

Strapping on the harnesses
Group shot

Then it’s on to the demonstration course for training

Explaining the equipment
Showing how you won’t fall when properly secured

Then you try out the demo course, which includes a short 20 foot zip line, before heading onto the real courses.

 Then it’s onto the first course, where you’re about 15-20 feet above ground.

Once I got through the first course, it was onto the second. The second course takes you higher, approx 30 feet up. This obstacle they call the Tarzan Swing


A little later I finished the second course and opted out of going further. Other people kept going, in all I believe 5 out of our 18 made it all the way through all 5 courses. All together, I think we spent around 4-5 hours there of constant fun.

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