ADKHH : Cellar Mountain

I had Thursday off from work, so once again, I was going to try to summit Cellar Mountain, up in the Moose river Plains area of the Adirondack mountains. It’s listed at #95 of the Adirondack Hundred Highest, and is a bushwhack, no formal trail to the summit. I started back at my parking spot, same as last time, hidden in the trees.

I started out right behind where I parked, taking a W/NW heading, straight to the summit, which meant nothing but up.

Eventually I got high enough that I started to see sunlight through the trees. This only meant I was near the first bump on my way to the summit.

Once I crossed the bump, it was back down into a col, but on the way down I could see the summit on the other side.

Soon it was back to fighting my way up through the trees to the summit.

Success! I had found the summit.

After celebrating with a protein bar and Gatorade, I set up my chair for my summit picture.

And nearly fell over backwards as the back legs sank into the soft soil under it.

I took a shorter route down to the woods road and back to my car, instead of trying to go back the way I came.

2.23 miles, 1083 feet elevation gain, 3 hours 28 minutes.

Not sure yet what I’ll hike next, if I’ll re-do something from last year where I had bad weather, or choose something new.

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